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30 June 2020
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My main question after watching this 230 million film was:
whose fault was it? How could i come out of the theater so frustrated?
Let me start from the beginning: Coming in with no expectations what-so-ever and even looking past all the basic differences this film had compare to the comic books. I was surprisingly satisfied with the first part – otherwise known as “the endless intro. But that didn’t bother me. Naaah, not as much as the writing afterward did. Suddenly our heroes got their powers and hundreds of problems where popping up for them making it really hard for me to relate after “bonding” with them that much in the first act. It just felt like 20 people had all suck their ideas into the directors face and he lost track of what was important.
First major issue, government was a dick. sure they got what they deserved in the end, but destroyed the main characters friendship’s to a point of no return, and basically… made you hate some of them.
secondly, the “one year later. Why skip the best part of the previous film. if you ask me now, all i can remember of the 2005 film is the amazing scene where they learn how to use their abilities, and the famous “flame on” that totally died in this film ( i know he said it, but it was just sad.) Also! What was Reed Richards building for a year? sure, we can assume he made a suit for him self and some other quantum machines from what we get to see, but “poof” its all irrelevant 2 minutes later, now his best friend Ben is a br>
third problem, the rushed ending. i would much rather have the dr doom battle in the second film if that meant having more time for the fantastic four to actually become the fantastic four. Here’s a solution for you! call it “origins”or something, sick in a small- time battle and a few more classic “getting famous” superhero scenes that we all love and you’re done BOOM! that simple. But nooo they had to awkwardly fight their way to “friendship” in the last ten minutes of the film. Sidenote: feels like they still kind of hate each other at the end of the film.
And now here are some things i liked! I enjoyed miles teller in this film a lot! especially with his scruffy look, you could see he had done some research on his character, and i would have loved to see more of that.
I loooooooved the Dr doom scene! awesome effects! amazing powers! and finally some vengeance on the government dicks. br>
Finally I also feel like I cant really hate on the director because i loved his two previous films A LOT.
In a tweed this week, defending him self, he said his original version would have been a lot better. Even though some of my problems with the film are quite big to fix with a “directors cut. I have to say that I my self, came out of the theater today thinking ‘this film has gone through some really obvious “censorship” And i do not mean typical censorship, I mean the classic Hollywood tweaks and changes of a directors original vision Censorship.’ And that is a shame So i want to believe that it is not his fault, and i am obviously still looking forward to his next film. Which brings me back to the beginning, still wondering. whose fault was it?
thanks for reading. br>


No Stan Lee cameo and no extra scene in the trailer! Not to mention the movies just plain sucked. When was the last time a Marvel movie really sucked this much? The acting was horrible. The dialogue was even worse. The plot was just a re-hash of any other superhero movie (Thor: Dark World comes to mind. I mean they put no thought into the plot or the casting. They should have stuck with the original origin story and updated it for the times, like Iron Man. At least that was done somewhat right. Thank goodness I didn’t pay to see this movie. Thank you Cineplex for all the Scene points! Hopefully there won’t be a sequel.